Elderly care services in Bangladesh


Bangladesh does not have as great retirement homes as other developed countries. However, family h ome care bd certainly has an excellent elderly care service. We provide elderly care both at home and in our nursing home in Dhaka.

Senior care or aged care service, the terms ultimately refer to the service of fulfilling the especial need of aged people. Aging is not very criteria for senior care. Various physical and mental issues limit a person’s normal functioning. elderly care service aims to lend a helping hand in daily activities. The activities range from grooming to medical monitoring. Depending on the condition of individuals, there are several packages. For example, it may be an assisted living, or it could be an hourly visit.

Why is elderly care service is important?

Here is how Nursing home care can help you with elderly care in Bangladesh

Old age is a sensitive phase. Elderly people are more prone to anxiety and stress. Professional Elderly Care services is the best way to make their lives comfortable. When you have aging parents or relatives, you want nothing but the best care service for them.

Medical care- The majority of the seniors face a lot of health issues. They impede their normal activities. Plus, they need a regular health assessment. Nursing home care looks after every patient with minor or severe disease.

Companionship – It is no secret that aged people get lonelier. They are prone to depression and other mental illnesses. They need companionship and care. Nursing home care will not only supervise them clinically but provide them companionship.

Mobile assistance– the older one gets, the harder it gets in performing simple tasks. Some deal with problems related to mobility. No matter how simple the tasks may seem, they need our support

Emergency– you might not be there all the time with your parents. Should any emergency happen, there will be someone with your loved ones.

Nutritional diet- Older people tend to be picky about food. They are not at fault. They suffer from taste bud loss. But maintain a healthy diet is still vital. Our nursing care services include cooking and meal preparation of the elderly.

Attention for severe illness – Illness like dementia, Alzheimer’s require constant attention and care. A person suffering from a chronic disease needs professional care and support.

What is the old age problems in Bangladesh?

Aged people can face various mental and health problems. It depends on individual health condition.

 Health problems

Everyone has minor or major ailments. They tend to be severe as one gets older. Some of the common health problems faced in old age are Heart Disease, Obesity, Arthritis, and many more. The diseases are more prominent after the age of 65. It is worth mentioning that proper diet and exercise can ease the illness if not cure them.

Mental problems

We often overlook psychological issues. But not every disease is physical. Seniors are more prone to psychological issues like loneliness, depression, or dementia. They can severely affect the aged people. Such mental issues need constant supervision by loved ones or professionals.

Benefits of working with our nursing agency for elderly care


 Experienced caregivers

It is tough to look for a reliable caregiver. The nursing agency provides skilled and trustworthy caregivers. You need not worry about interviewing them or negotiation. The nursing agency solves half of your problem. Responsibility It is not merely a job. When you hire a nursing agency, you hand over the duties. They will provide care and support you do not have much time for

Flexible schedules

If you hire an in-home caregiver, you can have an adjustable timing that suits your routine. Nursing care service has multiple care programs . Be it short term or long term, we have covered all care services in all packages.

How Family home care bd takes care of the elderly

  • Medication administration and medical assistance
  • Nutrition based diet
  • Personal hygiene care
  • Providing care and companionship
  • Consulting with the doctors
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Running errands
  • Encouraging physical and entertaining activities

Why Choose Us

family home care provides the highest level of professional elderly care. We conduct strict background checking before hiring any of the staff members. All of our nurses are highly trained. We are available for 24/7. Some of the staffs are always available for on-demand emergency service